A Friday Treat

I went to see Downton Abbey today. It was every bit as wonderful as others have said it was and I won’t spoil it here. Feel free to send me an e-mail or a private message if you saw it and want to discuss the free onion cutting class that took place in the theater towards the end of the film.

Since I don’t drive, naturally this meant walking out to the Price Chopper plaza where I got a haircut. And that left me with some time to have a nice lunch at a Chinese Buffet, that was a little further down the road from the movie theater. And I got my 10K in with a walk up the stone path to the campus of Bennington College.

I’m probably not going to be doing too many videos until I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Although I did get the Keto Cheat Sheet from Amazon and I now have them stuck to my fridge. I don’t know how I’m going to proceed with this information or what the real plan will be but I will keep you posted.

Published by Nathanielle Sean Crawford

I was born in Bennington, Vermont. I spent some of my childhood in North Adams, Massachusetts. As a new decade looms over us in this age of uncertainty, I have made some decisions about the direction my life is heading based on the lessons that I have learned. I hope I inspire people to take charge of their own lives and to be proud of who they are.

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