A Tale To Telly

I scored a major victory at work yesterday.

Myself and another customer host were watching the front end. While she was busy with a customer, I watched the customers who came and went from the registers and the checkout.

Two customers made a rather hasty path from the self-checkout to the doors and they had a television in their cart.

I hard what might have been a rumor not too long ago about how someone lost their job for letting an unpaid television walk out. Whether this was true or not, it spurred me to checking the receipt of every single shopping cart with a television in it, even if I saw the customer making the purchase, which in this case I did not.

To be clear once again, I do not, nor does any customer host, ever accuse a customer of theft. If questioned, the stock answer I give is that we’re just double checking the cashiers. Some customers accept this and others don’t care what I tell them. However, whether they appreciate it or not, my job is to check receipts for any product in the cart or in their arms that is not in the bag. When I don’t have a scanner, I check the receipt visually and for something like a television in a shopping cart where there is only one bag of items, it’s pretty easy to narrow that down on the receipt.

The total of purchased items came to less than twenty-dollars. No television was present. But the one they almost left with was 130 dollars.

The guy asked his wife/girlfriend/whatever if “they had scanned it” and made a huge show of going back to the register to try and correct their mistake. And his balance was off or his card didn’t work and he promised to be back, leaving the television in our custody.

My boss took a picture of me with the TV, I did my best Vanna White pose, and that is why we’ve started scanning receipts.

The new manager even gave me an integrity pin for catching it.

Published by Nathanielle Sean Crawford

I was born in Bennington, Vermont. I spent some of my childhood in North Adams, Massachusetts. As a new decade looms over us in this age of uncertainty, I have made some decisions about the direction my life is heading based on the lessons that I have learned. I hope I inspire people to take charge of their own lives and to be proud of who they are.

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