A Tale To Telly

I scored a major victory at work yesterday.

Myself and another customer host were watching the front end. While she was busy with a customer, I watched the customers who came and went from the registers and the checkout.

Two customers made a rather hasty path from the self-checkout to the doors and they had a television in their cart.

I hard what might have been a rumor not too long ago about how someone lost their job for letting an unpaid television walk out. Whether this was true or not, it spurred me to checking the receipt of every single shopping cart with a television in it, even if I saw the customer making the purchase, which in this case I did not.

To be clear once again, I do not, nor does any customer host, ever accuse a customer of theft. If questioned, the stock answer I give is that we’re just double checking the cashiers. Some customers accept this and others don’t care what I tell them. However, whether they appreciate it or not, my job is to check receipts for any product in the cart or in their arms that is not in the bag. When I don’t have a scanner, I check the receipt visually and for something like a television in a shopping cart where there is only one bag of items, it’s pretty easy to narrow that down on the receipt.

The total of purchased items came to less than twenty-dollars. No television was present. But the one they almost left with was 130 dollars.

The guy asked his wife/girlfriend/whatever if “they had scanned it” and made a huge show of going back to the register to try and correct their mistake. And his balance was off or his card didn’t work and he promised to be back, leaving the television in our custody.

My boss took a picture of me with the TV, I did my best Vanna White pose, and that is why we’ve started scanning receipts.

The new manager even gave me an integrity pin for catching it.

For Me, It’s A Raise

This week’s pay stub finally reflected my new pay increase. Okay, it’s only a dollar more than what I was making and though the hours won’t be as consistent as when I was on the floor, I’ve done the math and if everything remains steady I should be fine.

Mike and I are starting to talk about moving in together. It’s something I won’t be able to even think about without saving some money but it is something I’m going to have to figure out by the end of the lease, which is sometime n June. That’s plenty of time to save money and crunch some numbers.

One advantage of changing my life style is that I find my paycheck goes a lot farther when I’m not blowing it on food that isn’t good for me and luxuries I don’t need. In this day and age, I find the Internet to be essential and so paying for the monthly passes is a need, especially since most landlords and homeowners who are renting out properties have an online application of some sort. Even the ones who accept a paper application still use the Internet for credit and background checks.

There are some decent places close by. Mike’s big wish is for a washer and dryer and mine is just for a place that is close enough to work not to have to rent out a mule and a team of Sherpas to get there and back.

We’ll see what the future may bring.


Friday was my major cheat day, so I compensated by having less than a thousand calories total on Saturday and Sunday. I guess it worked because last night when I got home, I was down to 215 from 219.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be careful when you are trying to lose weight. So far, I didn’t feel any of the negative effects I was feeling the last time I had a major loss so I guess I’m balancing out my hydration well enough.

On The Fence

I’ve been teetering between 217 and 220 with the help of intermittent fasting. Some days it’s easier to go through the afternoon on smaller amounts of food and on other days, I feel the need to really pig out.

It’s important to listen to our bodies. On those days I feel the need to eat more, I really believe it’s my body telling me that I’m missing something crucial. It’s not craving it’s hunger. So I consider that a good thing. I know the difference now.

Cheat Day X 10

On Friday, I was burned out. I don’t know if it was the stress of this new position, or if I was just trying to take on way too much at onetime, but all I know is that when I woke up yesterday I was out of it.

I bought a bunch of sodas at this place in New Hampshire called Runnings and I pretty much drank of all of them. I had spinach spaghetti with jalapenos and garden sauce which kicked in with a vengeance during Mary Poppins the Musical at Mount Anthony Union High School. Fortunately, heartburn is not as loud as some of the other symptoms and I managed to get through the play having swallowed well more than a spoonful of sugar.

To top it off, before the play, I had two Maple Cream Cheese brownies at the former Evan’s News.

So yeah, yesterday wasn’t just a cheat day. If this had been a Harvard Entrance Exam, I’d have been blacklisted.

Nano Is NoGo

I tried, I really did. But the idea I had kind of sputtered and burned out and no matter how hard I tried to force myself to continue, I just kept getting bogged down by the same questions I would ask myself if I were the reader.

I think it’s really the pressure of trying to manage so many words in just a short amount of time. In theory it’s great but in practice it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I’m still writing I just won’t be forcing myself to have a deadline.

Danny Jolles has a Podcast

That genie has a funny habit of granting my wishes a few years too late. But if you don’t know, Danny Jolles is one of my favorite comedians simply because he is the easiest to relate to. I also feel like I discovered his comedy at one of the earlier stages of his career so I feel privileged to have gotten in on the ground floor so to speak.

Anyway, he has a new podcast that centers on stories relating to sports. I myself am no sports fan. At least my mind goes blank when people at work start in with Yankees this, Red Sox that. It’s pretty sad when you consider my mother loved baseball growing up, my grandfather was a minor league hopeful in high school, and my stepdad was born in Cooperstown.

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate what sports can be to a society. My personal favorite moment was one baseball game that my mother was watching. One of the players was suffering from what I think might have been a health complication. He fell in the field and he was unresponsive and members from the other team were coming over to see if they could help. So it was just a very human moment.

Anyway Danny’s first episode couldn’t have gone better. Zack Webber did the intro music and Danny promised he wouldn’t waste any time getting right into the stories. He was very on point , easy to listen to, and even though I’m not a sports fan they were relatable.

Apple does not like my Kindle, so I have to wait until later to give it the 5-Star review it deserves. I found it on Stitcher but Stitcher won’t let me rate and review it, so I will post the link here and maybe you can give it a listen.

Everything But The Scores

Still Forgetting to Hydrate

The scale had me at 219 last night. Although I did only eat a big breakfast and a very, very light lunch and supper. So I suppose that had something to do with it. That said, I had to once again remind myself to stay hydrated.

The new job is going relatively well. I’m still waiting for the pay raise to make it all worth it but in the meantime my biggest problem is remembering that customers will not be happy with me no matter what I say. Some of them know the drill and show me their receipt. Others just hate the inconvenience and they will bitch and moan no matter what I say, or do. So the important thing for me to do is not to rise to their bait and say something that could get me fired.

The hardest part right now is that there hasn’t been much in the way of formal training. Mostly I’m just working with another “experienced” associate who may or may not be doing their job correctly. But at the moment, I can’t afford to showboat or be argumentative because that’s the kind of behavior that can get me bumped back over to the place I was getting tired of.

No one said taking a new position in the store was going to be easy. There is always going to be a trade off. I have to keep myself in the mentality of going forward and upwards and not falling back on old comfortable positions.

November is Internet Blackout

On my laptop, at least. I’m going to see if not having any distractions for a month will help me reach my 50,000 word goal. I can still update the blog but the next vlog won’t be up until December.

However, I won’t just be writing another book. I will be working on a massive cooking video wherein I will be making two separate meals based on dishes featured in one of the most popular space operas since Firefly. The Expanse.

The Expanse will be coming back to us in December. The reason I am doing all the cooking in November is because editing this video together will be pain in the arse and both cooking projects will be time consuming as I am doing the ingredients, the filming, the editing, and the crying all by myself.