They Lost More Pounds Than Me

I may never forgive myself for that pun. Nor should I.

The Walmart where I work has a very nice walking path that runs through a bit of woods and comes out near Bennington’s industrial park. On my lunch break, after I’ve eaten, I’ve started walking around the back of the building, all the way to the end of Price Chopper plaza and around the front. It’s a nice walk, fresh air, perfect view of the Bennington Monument, and very little of interest to distract me from getting my 10K in.

As I was starting my walk I saw a kid of about ten or twelve at the oldest, running down the road, past the outdoor portion of the lawn and garden area. I didn’t think anything of it at first, figuring that maybe his parents were parked behind Walmart for some reason. Or maybe his home was somewhere on the back roads. But when I didn’t hear or see any adults following him, I was little concerned.

If you’re unfamiliar with how a garden center at a grocery or department store works, usually the “out door portion” is just a gated part of the store that’s mostly open to fresh air . This boy went behind that portion where there are a couple of fire exits and a few large containers but otherwise nothing that would give a kid any reason to be back there.

Then I saw him meeting another boy of about the same age. This other boy had a large backpack full of movies and an armful of more things. Now I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. I just asked, “Does a grown up know where you are?” Same thing I ask any kid who might be alone in the store, just to try to avoid an unnecessary Code Adam. They both said yes and started walking towards the parking lot at the front of the store. Then I asked them, “Did you pay for all those?”

They said yes, again. Two things to remember is that I was on my lunch break, so not on the clock. Also, I had no authority to stop them and it wouldn’t have been safe to start chasing them. So I went back to the lawn and garden entrance and as the kids had made it halfway down the parking lot to the bike trail that leads to North Side Drive, I snapped a photo of them with my phone. Not a very good one, not a lot of detail. But the backpacks were visible in the photo. I just wanted something to show or AP associate.

I went inside and had the CSM covering Lawn and Garden to call the AP over and I explained what happened and pointed the kids out, showed him the photo, etc. He did he what he had to do and I went back to my walk.

The walk didn’t take me more than twenty minutes. I even stopped in the pet store because seeing the fish and turtles sometimes relaxes me. When I got back to the store, I still had about ten minutes left to my break, so I planned my shopping list (which included keto friendly foods, more on that later) and I stopped in electronics to look at cameras. The AP associate asked me if I had a minute. He had two large backpacks with him, one that I recognized.

“You must have scared the shit out of them,” he said. “Because look at what we found on the bike trail.”

He opened the bags and inside there were some movies, a ton of YuGiOh, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering trading cards, and a megaton of X-Box game cards. He’s still totaling the amount because he is curious how much those kids would have gotten away with if I hadn’t seen them.

For the record, our AP guy is going up in the ranks and now there are two AP associate openings available at our store. I’ve applied for one of them. Wish me luck.

Freeze Dried Fruits

I just got a bunch of freeze dried fruit snacks from Brothers All Natural, through Amazon. This batch includes peaches, pineapple, mango, and some others that I’ve never tried before.

Something about freeze dried fruit is way more satisfying than dried fruit. I wonder if the freeze drying process retains the juices, which is why some of them still have most of their nutritional value.

Either way, each bag is only forty calories, so it’s worth to invest in a box or two if you’re trying to manage a 1500 calorie a day diet.

A Friday Treat

I went to see Downton Abbey today. It was every bit as wonderful as others have said it was and I won’t spoil it here. Feel free to send me an e-mail or a private message if you saw it and want to discuss the free onion cutting class that took place in the theater towards the end of the film.

Since I don’t drive, naturally this meant walking out to the Price Chopper plaza where I got a haircut. And that left me with some time to have a nice lunch at a Chinese Buffet, that was a little further down the road from the movie theater. And I got my 10K in with a walk up the stone path to the campus of Bennington College.

I’m probably not going to be doing too many videos until I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Although I did get the Keto Cheat Sheet from Amazon and I now have them stuck to my fridge. I don’t know how I’m going to proceed with this information or what the real plan will be but I will keep you posted.

Therapy Animal

Don’t worry, I’m not losing sight of the blog’s theme. I just don’t want to keep talking about weight loss and eating, or it’s going to get tedious. The main thing is to keep a healthy mindset as well as a healthy body.

Sometimes I step on the scale and it doesn’t seem to be moving. But the other day I saw that I was at 235 again and I thought, that’s better than being closer to 240. It means I haven’t gotten any worse.

So here’s a gif to take home with you.

And here is another story I uploaded. I think it fits rather well with the October theme, so please feel free to tell me what you think.

Therapy Animal

Williamstown to North Adams

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if it wasn’t for walking, I’d be dangerously obese.

I see people at work. Customers, coworkers, children, adults. They’re really, dangerously overweight. They waddle as they walk and I know they can’t be comfortable. I watch them eat prepackaged salads… with ranch dressing. They’re not doing themselves any favors. And they scare me.

They scare me because I know that this could easily have been me. The major difference between myself and these people is that I’ve walked everywhere my entire life. One of the earliest places we lived was an address that I can remember as clearly as I can remember my own name:

27 Liberty Street

North Adams, Massachusetts.

We didn’t drive, so we carried groceries up River Street to get to Liberty. We also played outside quite a bit. We rarely lived in a place where going outside wasn’t an option, so my brothers and I always had an opportunity to burn the calories in other ways.

I’m not judging the people I’ve seen. But it wouldn’t surprise me to know that they outside of work or shopping, they probably don’t get a lot of exercise.

I recently learned the the ideal amount of steps is 10,000 per day. At work, in a single shift, I walk about that in just eight hours, plus amount of steps I take to get to and from work and the stairs I have to climb when I come home. I’m not the healthiest person by a long shot but all of the walking has helped.

This episode was going to include a segment about how to use a pedometer to accurately track steps but the one I bought was cheap. And even though I followed the instructions on how to calibrate it, it didn’t want to cooperate. So I’m considering getting a Fitbit in December, when we get the extra bonus discount at work.

For this episode, I did a six mile walk from Williamstown to North Adams. I was originally going to do a promotional spot for Big Y but the owner of the Facebook page North Adams – Good News decided to power trip on me. There’s six thousand people on that page and I honestly don’t know what kind of influence he has, so I’ve decided not to stir the pot at all.

I’m still proud of the Game of Thrones style poop jokes, which I hope people will appreciate.

Walking The Walk

In a few hours, I’m going to catch the bus from Bennington to Williamstown. I am then going to walk approximately six miles from Williamstown to North Adams. If I had two nights off in a row, I would have considered spending the night in town. As is, I’m always confined to a handful of hours between the schedules for the Berkshire Transit Authority and the Green Mountain Trail bus.

I’ve decided there was no point in getting any sleep when I got home from work. Sometimes that’s easier than trying to sleep for a four or five hours, getting up, getting ready to go out and making sure I have everything I need.

Before I leave the house, I will spend about ten minutes under cold water to trigger the brown fat cells.

The Companion Blog

My vlog series Lose the Belly is steadily gaining viewers. At least, I imagine that most of the hits to the videos aren’t just of me checking to see how many views I’m getting.

This blog is a companion to the vlog. Since I want to establish a reasonable run time for each video there are obviously going to be some things that I feel it would be better to place here in a text based format. And because no one likes to stare at a screen for too long, I’ll try to keep these entries short and sweet.

Why should you read my blog? Why should you watch my series? It’s just another weight loss vlog, right?

Well, here’s one thing I can offer you. As you can see from the video here, I’m not exactly starving. This is very much the before photo. But unlike those instant beverages and dietary plans, you can actually join me at the start of this journey and follow me as I make the very dedicated attempt at losing the belly.

If you or someone you know is trying to lose some weight, lets do this together. Some things you can do to help would be sharing my videos on your social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Go to my Youtube channel and subscribe so that one day I might be able to monetize my videos. You can also offer your support for as little as one dollar a month on my patreon page.

As you follow me each week, I hope to show you genuine progress. But I also hope to learn and to communicate with you and your loved ones to find out what worked for you. We’re on this journey together.

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