A Tale To Telly

I scored a major victory at work yesterday. Myself and another customer host were watching the front end. While she was busy with a customer, I watched the customers who came and went from the registers and the checkout. Two customers made a rather hasty path from the self-checkout to the doors and they hadContinue reading “A Tale To Telly”

Danny Jolles has a Podcast

That genie has a funny habit of granting my wishes a few years too late. But if you don’t know, Danny Jolles is one of my favorite comedians simply because he is the easiest to relate to. I also feel like I discovered his comedy at one of the earlier stages of his career soContinue reading “Danny Jolles has a Podcast”

Still Forgetting to Hydrate

The scale had me at 219 last night. Although I did only eat a big breakfast and a very, very light lunch and supper. So I suppose that had something to do with it. That said, I had to once again remind myself to stay hydrated. The new job is going relatively well. I’m stillContinue reading “Still Forgetting to Hydrate”

November is Internet Blackout

On my laptop, at least. I’m going to see if not having any distractions for a month will help me reach my 50,000 word goal. I can still update the blog but the next vlog won’t be up until December. However, I won’t just be writing another book. I will be working on a massiveContinue reading “November is Internet Blackout”