They Lost More Pounds Than Me

I may never forgive myself for that pun. Nor should I. The Walmart where I work has a very nice walking path that runs through a bit of woods and comes out near Bennington’s industrial park. On my lunch break, after I’ve eaten, I’ve started walking around the back of the building, all the wayContinue reading “They Lost More Pounds Than Me”

Williamstown to North Adams

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if it wasn’t for walking, I’d be dangerously obese. I see people at work. Customers, coworkers, children, adults. They’re really, dangerously overweight. They waddle as they walk and I know they can’t be comfortable. I watch them eat prepackaged salads… with ranch dressing. They’re not doingContinue reading “Williamstown to North Adams”